Welcome to Speech Communication class!

Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to Spring 2018 Speech Communication course by Kyueun Kim.

This is our course SITE and open to everyone. Consider it like a blog. I will upload my lecture notes and speech examples here. You are welcome to write comments or create posts in discussion section.

We will have private discussions in our course GROUP which is open only to our group members. We will use group area for uploading and discussion documents that need more privacy, such as your assignment, feedback, speech schedules. If you want to make your posts or assignments public, you are welcome (and encouraged) to do so.

It is my first time to open the CUNY Academic Commons site and group for the teaching purpose and I am excited to see how it works.

I hope the Commons can be a communication platform where you are not only a “student,” passively receiving information/knowledge from a teacher, but where you can actively brainstorm, develop, test, and share your own ideas.

I hope we can have a wonderful journey together over the course of this semester to be a better public speaker and active listener. I look forward to being a “facilitator” of your critical thinking and academic research and I am ready to learn from you all.


Kyueun Kim


Navigating the CUNY Academic Commons

Commons Sites: Course sites offer a range of publishing options for faculty and students. Sites can be private (visible to site members only), semi-private (visible to Commons users only), or public. On course websites, faculty can make the course syllabus and assignments visible to students in a dynamic format (with links and multimedia). Students can also take advantage of multimedia composition possibilities when posting their own work and/or commenting on their peers’ writing.

Commons Groups: A group offers a private or public space with varying functionality. In a group, faculty and students can post in a Forum (and have threaded discussions), upload documents to a common Files section, collaboratively edit Docs, post Events to a common calendar, and access shared, collaborative Papers.

If the Group is “Private” documents, forum posts, and other group functions are not visible or accessible if users are not logged into the Commons.